Spamassassin and compile_now()

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Apr 8 12:27:04 IST 2002

At 03:26 29/03/2002, you wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite><font face="arial" size=2 color="#0000FF">Julian,
do you know if this guy is still broken?&nbsp; I'm just wondering if that
would speed things up when spam checking?&nbsp; I take that if it's not
used then the SA rules are read in every time correct?&nbsp; I'm not
positive but I think this is the case since I know I've updated my for SA and Mailscanner picked up the changes without a
I haven't checked it with the latest SA version. I raised it in the SA
list at some point and never got a decent response, so assumed it was
still broken.<br>
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