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Metod Škufca Metod.Skufca at ADVANT.SI
Thu Apr 4 10:49:04 IST 2002

It could be something on your link to net or maybe name resolution.


>>> Peter Valian <valianp at SOUTHWESTERN.EDU> 3.4.2002 23:13:26 >>>
Does anyone at all have a suggestion on this?

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Subject: mail delay and can't parse message
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 09:49:32 -0600
From: Peter Valian <valianp at southwestern.edu>
Organization: Southwestern University
CC: Peter Valian <valianp at southwestern.edu>

Hi all,

Im having a heap of trouble with Mailscanner.  For the most part it
works fantastic.

However, Im getting many calls from users claiming that some email is
delayed by several hours.  I have not personally witnessed this
phenomenon but it's more than just a couple users making this
claim...(they claim to receive mail as normal but then every now and
again get a message timestamped before several emails they have already
received.  I don't know if the problem is with Mailscanner/Sendmail or
with Qpopper (4.0.3).

Also, several warnings a day get sent to postmaster about 'could not
parse message xxx, e.g.
   Report: Could not parse message g313LlZ19901

I don't know if these messages just got dropped or went through or what.

attached is my conf.  One thing that's special to our set up is that the
mail spools are NFS mounted...so perhaps some file locking issues?

I would appreaciate any suggestions.


Peter Valian
Network & Systems Administrator
Southwestern University
Georgetown, Texas

Peter Valian
Network & Systems Administrator
Southwestern University
Georgetown, Texas
512.863.1586 office
512.863.1605 fax

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