Error sophosupdate

Metod Škufca Metod.Skufca at ADVANT.SI
Thu Apr 4 10:43:59 IST 2002

You're a little behind updates. :-))
You should update master sophos update to version 356 and then run autoupdate.
I belive that have been removed from sohos site beacuse it is outdated.


>>> Jeroen Wijdogen <jeroen at WIJDOGEN.DHS.ORG> 4.4.2002 10:52:32 >>>

a small question i installed on a server mailscanner and where running for
several months oke. Last night the sophos.update script was running and gave
this output, is there a quik way to repair this.?

[root at firewall admin]# /var/opt/sophos/bin/autoupdate
  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
  the last disk(s) of this archive.
unzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of or, and cannot find, period.
Unzip failed with error return 9
, Bad file descriptor at /var/opt/sophos/bin/autoupdate line 82.
[root at firewall admin]#



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