Mailscanner Newbie Questions

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Sat Sep 29 16:24:18 IST 2001

Hello guys,
        I am considering implementing mailscanner using Redhat 7.1 here at
my ISP. Daily, we service several hundred thousand e-mails and recently
the number of viruses passing through our system is starting to get out of
control. I've purchased a site license for Sohpos anti-virus and am in
the process of testing mailscanner. Through that process, I have some

1. I've installed sophos and mailscanner and they seem to be working. I
can identify and disinfect files using sweep. However, I do not seem to be
cleaning e-mailed files that contain Eicar. How do I test mailscanner? I'm
not seeing anything show up in the logs when I send through a virus test
pattern in E-mail.

2. Do I need to be running sendmail as well as Mailscanner? I.E. when the
system boots, should it be loading sendmail and mailscanner from

3. What RPMS should I have to extract/test attachements? I just determined
that I needed to install zip/unzip RPMS for the sohphos update files.. Am
i missing something else?

Thanks.. mailscanner looks like it will do a GREAT deal of positive things
here! I am psyched!

    Vice President of New Age Consulting Service, Inc.  Cleveland Ohio
    info at   (216)-619-2000

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