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>> >Finally it's VERY worthey of note that since this method aborts without
>> >unpacking the attachment there is no guarantee that viruses won't get
>> >inside tnef type attachments.  If you're worried perhaps you (Jules) can
>> >on the return code of tnef and if it's -1 (failure) then you reject the
>> >attachment as "Unexpandable archive, rejected" or something?  Or do you
>> >do this?
>> >
>> >Steve
>>   We are running mailscanner 2.42 with TNEF 1.0.1. We are seeing a number of
>>mails where TNEF gets stuck and aborted after 2 minutes and the mail is then
>>delivered to the recipient.
>>Is there any way to quarantine these unscanned mails/attachments?
>This is fixed in version 2.50. If anything goes wrong with the TNEF
>expansion, it will abandon the entire message as "unparsable" and refuse to
>deliver any of it.

Slight improvement to that: what will happen is the winmail.dat attachment
will be deemed "unparsable" and not delivered, but the plain text version
of the message will still get through.
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