News about forthcoming new version

Julian Field jkf at
Wed Sep 26 16:54:23 IST 2001

I will hopefully release version 2.50 in the next couple of weeks or so.
New features will be:
        - Timeout on virus scanner
        - Timeout on TNEF decoder
          (To protect against Denial Of Service attacks)
        - Sorting incoming mail queue by date
          (So if there are more messages in the queue than can be scanned at one
go, the oldest messages are scanned first, most recent last)
        - Ability to switch off virus scanning
          (A couple of people have asked for this, not sure why :-)

I am not aware of any of the commercial packages which handle denial of
service attacks at all well :(
So this should be a feature where I beat the commercial packages hands down :)
More importantly, it should reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do
still further.
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