TNEF problem

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Sep 10 15:36:36 IST 2001

At 03:16 pm 10/09/2001, you wrote:
>The problem of TNEF "hanging" and growing to unfeasible sizes has
>recurred, this time I took a copy of the winmail.dat and have run tnef
>across it in debug mode.  TNEF reached and levelled out at ~540M this
>time, the output is below (the process is still running but "hung" at
>this point).  The "len: 0" line is interesting at the bottom.
>Anyone any ideas?  I don't want to distribute the winmail.dat just yet
>as it may be confidential.

Have you tried tnef 1.1 on the file? I distribute the .tar.gz file is in
the MailScanner/bin directory. I haven't distributed the binary of it as I
haven't had a good chance to test 1.1 yet.
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