Subject Line control (SPAM CONTROL)

Andrew Hoying andrewh at CQG.COM
Tue Oct 30 18:22:39 GMT 2001

I've been using spam-assassin,, along with
mailscanner. Spam-assassin catches about 95% of the spam sent to the company
I work for, up significantly from what mailscanner can catch, but it doesn't
do virus scanning so I have to use both products on my mail gateway. I would
love to see these to products combined into one. I may have a chance to
start some work in that direction in the comming days, but if someone else
would like to look at this, that would be great.

Andrew Hoying

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> >I am new to mailscanner, so I apologies if this is answered
> somewhere else.
> >Is there a way to scan for word expressions in the Subject line
> to identify
> >Spam mail?  It seems to only catch 20% of the Spam coming through my mail
> >server using MAPS.
> No there aren't, I'm afraid. Have you looked at using ORDB, ORBZ and/or
> ORBL as well?
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