Red Hat 7.2

Scott Farrell sfarrell at ICCONSULTING.COM.AU
Fri Oct 26 01:00:06 IST 2001


I'd be interested in your efforts with 7.2.

We are running on 7.1 and that is obviously great. We are going to move
to7.2 and use ext3 ... I would be interested on anyone's experience with
using redhat 7.2 or ext3 on the spool directories with mailscanner. I know
all the spool stuff needs to be on the same filesystem (it breaks otherwise
- I know that one first hand), I wonder ext3 breaks it?

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  As a user just about to embark on using mailscanner my question is has
anyone tried it on Red Hat 7.2?
I am purchasing a new box which is coming pre-loaded with 7.2 and wondered
if I should reload version 7.1
Any suggestions please

IT Group
Southampton Oceanography Centre

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