Explode.pl suddenly failing, HELP!!

Martin Whinnery martin.whinnery at SBIRMC.AC.UK
Fri Oct 12 11:26:31 IST 2001


I reckon you got us on the 'duff perl' tack. It's all true. We do have a
flaky perl install.

We've got around this by moving back to the mcaffee dat download of two
days ago. So I'm thinking that the duff virus scanner gave duff stuff back
to mailscanner which wigged out 'cos we've got a duff perl install.

I'm not sure if the mcaffee thing is just affecting us or not. We can't
afford to fix perl right now (it ain't broke enough to justify taking it
down) so we're gonna wait and see what happens when we update the dat files

Again, thanks for your prompt support. I'm not as scared anymore.


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