MAILSCANNER: Daily error monitoring report

L-Soft list server at CCLRC (1.8d) LISTSERV at JISCMAIL.AC.UK
Fri Oct 12 00:01:33 IST 2001

The following 1 subscriber is currently being monitored:

Err First Last  Address
--- ----- ----- -------
  2 10/11 10/11 Ian Beardsley <IAN.BEARDSLEY at WINDSURFIN.FREESERVE.CO.UK>
                Last error: Mailer said: "550 mail from
                   rejected: administrative prohibition
                            (host is blacklisted)"

Err=   Number of delivery errors received thus far
First= Date first delivery error was received (mm/dd)
Last=  Date of most current delivery error (mm/dd)

Subscribers will be automatically deleted from the list when delivery errors
have been  reported for a  period of  4 days or  more, or when  100 delivery
errors have  been received,  whichever occurs  first. Monitoring  will cease
after 5 days without any reported error.

Note: manually deleted subscribers may remain on the monitoring report under
an alias address. Such entries will expire eventually; you do not need to do
anything about them.

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