Minimizing virus email in queue?

Tim Tyler tyler at
Thu Nov 29 17:09:50 GMT 2001

Ok I am intrigued.  I don't see a configuration option that would allow me
to have Mailscanner use a different MTA for infected files only.  Is this
something that would ultimately have to be developed into Mailscanner in the
future or is this something I might be able to tweak?

>On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 09:14:32AM +1300, Dennis Monks wrote:
>> I think it is the later.
>I'd have thought so; hence my first reply.
>> Another solution is to be able to tell mailscanner to use another MTA
>> for sending virus reports. This MTA could the be setup to have no
>> queueing, or at least take the pressure of main MTA.
>[evil grin] Yup, you could do that...
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