I should know the answer to this but here goes

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Thu Nov 29 08:47:19 GMT 2001

Hi Howard,

"hrobinson at harper-adams.ac.uk" wrote:
> Is the Virus 'W32/Badtrans-B' disinfectable?


> I have a request from a student to recover a file but I thought that
> mailscanner cleaned the file, if it could, and send an appropriate
> message confirming this to the sender and recipient. That implies
> that this virus is 'undisinfectable'.

The attachment is an executable program pure and simple. If you removed the
malicious code there would be nothing left! Most of the current worms
(Magistr, Sircam etc) are like this rather than the traditional parasitic
type. That's probably because they're easier to write?

I have a number of "customers" who really want to get at what's in these
attachments - it seems that there must be something useful in there



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