Minimizing virus email in queue?

Dennis Monks dennis at YTN.CO.NZ
Wed Nov 28 20:14:32 GMT 2001

I think it is the later.

Another solution is to be able to tell mailscanner to use another MTA
for sending virus reports. This MTA could the be setup to have no
queueing, or at least take the pressure of main MTA.

Dennis Monks

Nick Phillips wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 06:27:30PM -0000, Steven Patterson wrote:
> > Perhaps (with sendmail) you can set Timeout.Queuereturn=0d when you're
> > pushing the delivery of a virus message or something?
> I'm no sendmail expert. If this will actually prevent it from ever getting
> into the queue then I suppose it might work.
> I guess it depends on how the logic is structured in sendmail (is it? ;)...
> if "sending a message right now" is basically a special case, then I
> suppose it might work. If "sending a message right now" uses the same logic
> as "run a delivery attempt on this queued message", then probably not.
> We'll see?
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