E-mail scan with McAfee

Bruce Huang y.huang at UTORONTO.CA
Wed Nov 28 20:08:24 GMT 2001

Hi Nick,

>> cp: cannot access /opt/local/mailscanner/var/incoming/opt
>As in "on the console from which you started mailscanner"?

>> >   Sender: <X>
>> >Recipient: <Y>
>> >  Subject: Spa paper 1
>> >MessageID: fAP9dDCc007036
>> >   Report: Attempt to hide real filename extension in Spa paper1.doc.com
>> >
>> >   Sender:
>> >Recipient:
>> >  Subject:
>> >MessageID: opt
>> >   Report: /opt/local/mailscanner/var/incoming/fAP9dDCc007036/Spa paper
>> >1.doc.com        Found the W32/SirCam at MM virus !!!
>Does this all appear in the same mail, or in two separate ones?
Yes, they are from the same e-mail.

>This looks like maybe something has created an extra file/directory in
>mailscanner's working area - McAfee, no doubt. As to why, I'm not sure.

>How are you calling McAfee? Are you using the mcafeewrapper script? What
>is your "Sweep" option set to in your mailscanner.conf?

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