alerts to postmaster but sender why

Csanády Miklós piarista csm at PIAR.HU
Sun Nov 11 21:25:17 GMT 2001

I must have misconfigured something, because the sender of
the infected mail does not get a warning when his mail
triggers the scanner.

Where should I look for  the mistake.
Here is  a section from my conf file.

The postmaster gets the warning.
# Deliver messages with viruses removed to their original
# or just delete them?
Deliver To Recipients = yes

# Notify the senders of infected messages that they should
check out
# their systems?
Notify Senders = yes

# Set where to find the message text sent to the senders of
# messages.
Sender Report = /usr/local/MailScanner/etc/
Sender Virus Report             =
Sender Bad Filename Report      =
Sender Error Report             =

# Notify the local postmaster when any infections are found?
Notify Local Postmaster = yes

# Set email address of who to notify about any infections
# Should put your full domain name here too,
#    e.g. postmaster at
Local Postmaster = csm at

# Set what to do with infected attachments or messages.
# keep   ==> Store under the "Quarantine Dir"
# delete ==> Just delete them
#Action = delete
Action = keep
Any ideas?

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