mcafee virusscan

Gene & Mary LeDuc leduc at CTS.COM
Sun Dec 23 19:18:27 GMT 2001

Hello Rajesh,

At 11:48 PM 12/23/2001 +0000, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:
>Thanks steve. I downloaded the unix dat file for mcafee 4.x. mcafeewrapper
>uses uvscan to scan. Where can I get this uvscan for Linux ?

Go here for evals:

For linux I like Sophos better than McAfee.  It seems to have been designed
more for linux/unix than the McAfee product and the scanning engine is
updated monthly.  Using the autoupdate script from the MailScanner distro
(set to check every 4 hours) I get updated sigs from Sophos before I even
get their e-mail alert that one is available.  It has worked flawlessly for
me for about a month so far.

Your mileage may vary.


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