Help - mailscanner quit finding viruses

Justin England jengland at ENETIS.NET
Fri Dec 21 09:43:03 GMT 2001

I set up mailscanner on a new mail server, got it working and tested it by
send several virus e-mails as well the file and it worked just
as it should.

I then reconfigured the IP / hostname of the machine and put it on as a
live mailserver, and now it won't catch any viri.  I can see that it is
working from the header stamp, the maillog logfile, and by watching the
var/incoming directory fill up with files then empty.  I have double
checked that my virus scanner (uvscan) is still working.

My set up is Sendmail 8.12.1, as used when testing (when it worked)
Solaris 8 and mailscanner-2.60-2.  Again, this all worked fine until I
re-configured the machine (sys-unconfig'ed then re-configed, only chaing
the IP and hostname)

What can I do to find out where the problem is?  Now that this is running
live, I hate to have to shut it down for an extended period to test again.


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