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Nicolas Viers - SCI Limoges viers at UNILIM.FR
Mon Dec 17 17:19:54 GMT 2001

my mailscanner on a linux mandrake 8.1 with sendmail is very slow
in scanning frequence.
When i start mailscanner it scans immediatly and after each
5 or 10 minutes. During this time the number messages grow in this
And after 1 hour it does not scan any more.
Is it possible to tell mailscanner to scan more often ?

Is there problem on linux mandrake 8.1 (kernel 2.4.8-26) with mailscanner ?

Some help ?
Thanks a lot

PS: i have mailscanner+mcafee

# Which Virus Scanning package to use: "sophos" or "mcafee"
Virus Scanner      = mcafee
# Where the Virus scanner is installed. This is the command needed to run it
#Sweep              = /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sophoswrapper
Sweep           =/usr/local/bin/uvscan

>Is there anything to change in like :

$Config::VirusScanner ?


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