Antwort: Re: relay to another mail server

Stephan Effertz s.effertz at JOLA.DE
Wed Dec 12 15:35:40 GMT 2001

> Well, assuming that you mean *only* disinfected mail, not including
"normal"  mail, you may be able to hack something up by getting
mailscanner-generated messages routed differently to normal ones.

I mean all incoming mail that has been scanned, and placed in a queue.

What I want to do pass all the mail onto another server,  for delivery to
the clients using either pop or webmail.



The sendmail feature you are looking for is called mailtertable. Check for
FEATURE(mailertable) in your m4 file (generating and look at

This is an example /etc/mail/mailertable. It routes all mail to
to the server at Don't forget to run makemap after all

# /etc/mailertable - special handling for hosts or domains
# reindex:
# makemap hash /etc/mail/mailertable.db < /etc/mail/mailertable                        smtp:[]

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