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F. Mitchell frmitchell at
Wed Dec 12 12:26:17 GMT 2001

Hi people,

I was wondering if anybody can tell me what the maximum size I should
expect to be able to put through mailscanner? I've tried altering the Max
Safe/Unsafe size, TNEF expander, and the various time outs, but the
maximum (uuencoded) size of message that I can send seems to be
just short of 20Mb, which is a bit on the small side for my purposes. (If
I'm just using sendmail, then my limit is 900Mb (as set in my ) So I was wondering anybody knew if this was the limit,
and if not anything I need to set to get it to go higher?

If it helps then I'm running SuSE (with parts ranging from SuSe 6.3-7.2),
with sendmail V8.9.3 and using Sophos. I can recieve, the 20Mb with
sendmail, but then I get an error in the logs saying "cannot reopen
XXXXXX", and the user's connection times out


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