Configuring e-mail notification

Gene LeDuc leduc at CTS.COM
Tue Dec 11 16:50:55 GMT 2001


I just installed mailscanner (w/sophos) yesterday and it seems to be
working. I have some questions that I haven't been able to find answers
to online or in the docs.

1. Is this list archived anywhere?

2. Can I have the scanner send a virus notification to the remote
postmaster (postmaster at delivering ISP)?  Something like:
  Notify Remote Postmaster = yes
This is a feature in sophos mailmonitor that I love.  It took several
weeks and about a thousand alert messages copied to
postmaster at, but they finally stopped an annoying sircam

3. Regarding local notifications...  This is from the .conf file:
  # Set email address of who to notify about any infections found.
  # Should put your full domain name here too,
  #    e.g. postmaster at
  Local Postmaster = postmaster
If I change this address to something else then it is also used as the
From: address in the notification message.  I would like all virus
notifications to be from "scanner at" and I would like the local
postmaster notifications to go to "me at somewhere.else".  Is there a way
to make these 2 addresses separate?


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