No Message Collected

Carl Hogue carl at CAPAHO.COM
Fri Dec 7 12:32:59 GMT 2001

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 10:22:25 -0600, Peter Valian <valianp at SOUTHWESTERN.EDU>

>Im having an interesting problem.  It seems my message bodies are lost
>and all scanned email goes through with the correct header and the
>X-ECS-Mailscanner tag but the body just contains " <<< No Message
>Collected >>> ".
>any ideas?
>Peter Valian
>Network & Systems Administrator
>Southwestern University
>Georgetown, Texas

I had the same problem on a Cobalt Raq3.  A previous upgrade patch had
moved mqueue to /home/spool/mqueue from /var/spool/mqueue and used a
symlink from /var/spool/mqueue to point to /home/spool/mqueue,  I created
an directory in /home/spool, deleted the directory from
/var/spool and created a symlink to point /var/spool/ to
/home/spool/  That solved the problem on the Cobalt Raq3.

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