TNEF taking up 86% of 512MB of ram

Andrew Hoying andrewh at CQG.COM
Thu Dec 6 02:36:31 GMT 2001

Is there any reason why TNEF would suddenly take up over 400MB of ram to
process an attachment that is only a few kilobytes in size? This slowed my
whole server to a crawl and caused mail delivery to stop for 20 minutes
today. I tried to recreate this event, but of the 6 e-mails that could have
caused it, I only recovered 4 and only one had a winfile.dat attachment. I
sent the e-mail through the scanner a few times, but it never had the same

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have the tnef timeout set to 120 seconds,
but mailscanner didn't seem to stop the process after the timeout.

Andrew Hoying

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