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Julian Field jkf at
Fri Aug 31 16:58:18 IST 2001

At 04:37 pm 31/08/2001, you wrote:
>I am currently using putty as a front end to our MailScanner
>running on a Linux box. Its fine as a terminal emulator but I
>need/want to ftp files from the box to my NT4 workstation.
>The packages I have tried so far are okay on non ssh boxes but
>don't support ssh.
>I saw a package on the putty site but it is under development so
>would prefer to use something that is 'proven'.
>What packages are recommended/do you use for doing this?

There is a version of "scp" that comes with putty, called "pscp". You
should be able to use this for copying files on and off your SSH server.
It's not ftp, but it performs the same job (i.e. file copying).
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