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Jethro R Binks jethro.binks at STRATH.AC.UK
Fri Aug 17 09:20:09 IST 2001

Sadly, the only reason was convenience :)

We have a site license for McAfee already, so we could get the (in this
case Solaris) versions with our download site access key thing (not a
process I was directly involved in :).

For Sophos, we would have had to put the purchase through whoever,
obtained the media, and so on, although I expect you can download a trial
version, most of the AV vendors seem to offer that now (but perhaps not
for Solaris).  I think the fact that we never heard back from Sophos
confirming what the licence costs would be didn't help (we heard
conflicting reports of the cost from Julian's Networkshop presentation and
other sources so we wanted to check it out).

We needed to get this service in fairly urgently, not least because of
recent SirCam and Magistr hassles.  We were blocking most of these by
simple content filtering but it was a drain on my time to go through the
queue and check messages and free them up, and probably of certain dubious
legality too.  Also I'm away for much of the next 6 weeks, and I doubt
anyone else would relish that task :)

Strategically, we would probably have preferred to use Sophos to be
honest, and continue with McAfee at the clients, giving us a
"belt-and-braces" solution as the Network Manager here puts it.  And maybe
in the future we will.  But for now, speed and convenience over-ruled all,
so I'm afraid that's no help to you whatsoever!


On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Paul Fries (CWIE LLC) wrote:

> Jethro,
> I was wondering if you had any performance data comparing the use of
> mailscanner with McAfee as opposed to Sophos.
> Was there any other reason you chose McAfee over Sophos?
> Regards,
> Paul Fries
> paul at

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