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Shane Kelly s.kelly at
Fri Aug 17 08:54:01 IST 2001

Hi all,
	I would just like to add my success story to those that are already posted 
	Our setup was an Exchange server acting as both internal mail server and 
external mailserver (through a NAT box). As this server was also used for 
many other things, any time we had a problem with any thing, no email. So I 
wanted to use the Mailscanner as a filter on incoming mail, weeding out virii 
and acting as a store if the internal mail server was offline for any reason.
	My problem was I knew nowt about RedHat (SuSE is my preference) and even 
less about sendmail, exim et al.
	Downloaded RedHat, installed it, put on mailscanner with appropriate 
changes to the sendmail cf file, and it worked.
	The downside was that I now had an open relay for mail (due to my ignorance, 
not mailscanner) and started to get angry emails from upstream. Consequently, 
I now know more than I wanted to about sendmail mc files, but like all good 
fairytales, it all ended happily ever after.
	If any one needs help with basic sendmail config for mailscanner I may be 
able to help.
	By the way, we use Sophos as we have a site license for it.
	Marks out of ten for mailscanner - 10! Excellent stuff, Julian - many thanks.
	Shane Kelly
Shane Kelly
Network Controller
Ayr College
01292 265184

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