Bug in RBL+ matching

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Aug 15 09:52:27 IST 2001

If you are using the RBL+ to tag spam you receive, you have hopefully read
the News item on the web site about changing the pattern match in
sendmail.pl from "235" to "12345".

I have just discovered that to match all possibilities that might occur
with the RBL+, the pattern should actually read "1234567". You might want
to patch your sendmail.pl file to contain this update. If you are unsure of
the line to change, take a look at the MailScanner web site, I've just
added a News item about the update.

Not doing so will just mean that the spam tagging will be less effective
than it might otherwise be.

Many thanks to Michael Forrester at Aberdeen for sending me an accurate
description of the RBL+.

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